Thursday, June 02, 2011

International Postcard Swap

I am participating in this year's international postcard swap run by the children's lit blog Playing by the Book:

The idea is to swap children's book recommendations with families who have children roughly the same age as your own. I sent post cards to families in Germany, Australia, Chile, the UK, and Texas. Being from Boston myself, I went out and bought postcards with a picture of the duckling statues in the Public Gardens from Robert McCloskey's classic Make Way For Ducklings:

But then it got interesting - how does one choose books to recommend to families in another country? I decided that the books/authors I chose should be fairly popular here in the US, but not old standards/classics. The really classic books here in the US may already be old hat even in other countries. But there needed to be some hope of the families being able to check out these books if they were interested in doing so.

For the family in Germany, I lucked out. I wanted to recommend Mo Willem's Knuffle Bunny (or any Mo Willems really) to their oldest child. When I checked online, I discovered it had been published in Germany just this past January as Knuffelhase:

Now I await my 5 postcards from around the world.

If you were choosing books to recommend internationally how would you choose? Or, alternately, which books would you choose for international families with children from 0-4 (the range I had)?

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